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Who we are
Green Light Sacred Heart is a partnership between the Sacred Heart Environmental Club and Green Light New Orleans. We were were inspired to work with Green Light because it is an organization that has taken the initiative to make change happen. By working with Green Light, our members have had the enjoyment of helping people of different backgrounds and from different parts of the city reduce their carbon footprint, one light bulb at a time.
Our pledge
Our pledge is to install 3,000 CFLs in the New Orleans community. We also hope to educate the Sacred Heart community about sustainable living and compel students to volunteer within the greater New Orleans area. Most importantly, we hope that the message of Green Light will encourage students to make these important changes for themselves. clares
our goal
Our goal is to install or ensure that all Sacred Heart homes in the New Orleans area have switched to CFLs. There are 472 Sacred Heart families in New Orleans, 82 faculty members, and 1,082 alumni. If all of these households changed their roughly 32,720 light bulbs to CFLs, this would save $1,505,120 over the lifespan of the bulbs, as well as prevent 14,625,840 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.
what this means to you
If you replace 20 light bulbs in your house, over the lifespan of the bulbs you will save $920 and prevent 8,940 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted. The lifespan of each bulb is 10,000 hours.

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Did you know? CFL

• Installing just 1 CFL bulb saves
$45 and 447 lbs of CO2!

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